Ethereal Spirit. Part I. [Short]

There once was a girl who was all I ever wanted, beautiful, smart, funny, she wore a charm like sun rays, she smiled like nothing you had seen before. Just as the moon moves the tides of the oceans, she moved all with her glowing teeth. How does one find the meaning they have always searched for, the purpose they have always sought? It seemed the answer was in her way of moving, like silk in the wind. She whispered like the passing of forgotten memory, dancing like fire in the images of your mind. Who was this? This creature more real than any other.
I began to tremble in the terrifying possibility that she was more than any form of human that man had ever seen. Fire. Hell. Radiance. Heaven. Ethereal spirits unbound by known convention. I was bitten by the perplexing unrealistic. Driven by the madness it created inside of me. One tear. Smiling. Unbridled joy. Fear. Envy. Delight. Raw uncontained passion like the rushing of hurricane tempests. The stream took me and I did not fight. The water was cool it set my senses into a frenzy as the current now created washed all of me away. My existence was inconsequential. My reality was false. The candle of my mind ignited from these showering sparks of thought.
I began.
Nowhere but forward did it seem right to go, forward my footsteps took me. My pace was unbending, no bind on body or mind. This was all I ever wanted and never said aloud. Joie de vivre the french call it. No. This was more than any other feeling that had come before it. Not just of personal experience, but of the world, and all that she had ever held. Witnessed. This could not be held nor taken. Could not be blinded nor put out. The shells of former rises of walls of hardened carbon enamel, the protectors of emotion, unneeded. It was as if any instrument you could hold would be of paramount use and all features hidden would come bidden full fold.
Einstein. He must have loved like this. If you had but one taste you would never need again. Eerie. Interesting word. The haunting presence of the angel thats hiding shy behind the corner, the tree, that wants you. It is the taste that begins in your mouth and carries, it flows like wine into its smooth and bare curved glass bottom. There would never, nor could never be take backs. This was a thing eternal. “What are men to mountains” she teased into my ear. A thought that grew quickly, sprawling its tentacles of vine into the nethers of my mind, weaving into every absent recess, leaking its electrifying hum. “What do we create with conscious conscience?” It was time to begin.


2 thoughts on “Ethereal Spirit. Part I. [Short]

  1. Stephanie Bolfa

    Ethereal Spirit is ridiculously beautiful Fisher. I am continually overwhelmed by your words! Don’t you EVER stop sharing the perplexing stories that are in that brain of yours. Love love love!


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