Ghost of time.

I did not call why have you came? This will not change my truth.
The land in which you live in, is still with a wisdom in its youth.
What have you to say, I pray you tell, do tell what is your sight?
I see a people made to prosper, if they can but balance their mortal might.
What are these things that you have said, and where from is it you have came?
I am but a ghost of time and my words do rarely change.
And what is this? What am I to do? I’m just an ordinary man.
These are the words of extraordinary, to prepare you, the catalyst of great plan.
I did not call, I am not ready, tell me the truth, say that you lie.
Calm now close your eyes and breathe, its not on this fear that you survive.
What is it you would have me do, what is it you would will me now to say?
Do not hide from the false of fear, and every word will come on its destined day.
Why is it I have these tears? What is this warmth that electrifies?
You are given the spirit of joy and in its jubilance you do thrive.
What comes next? What can you say? Please do tell me more.
A future as bright as you’ll make it, through every tragedy, forlorn no more.
I see now there will be struggle and I’ll tell you now my palms do sweat.
You are born with fraught frivolousness, but have you not found courage in the chaos you’ve met?
I..have, I have, I’m ready, I feel a rumble now within me.
Pace yourself with your perspective, the wider the arc the more objective.
What comes first, what location, what place is it I start?
Expand your mind, expand your conscience, build your muscle, strengthen your heart.
Why is it me? What have I done? Why is it I, you choose?
You have an immeasurable force within you, It’s not what’s done, but what you will do.


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