Torrents Take Me.

Clouds took form above him. A light of visionary prisms danced through the darkness. The racing ever changing amalgam of every thought and emotion that coursed through his mind was represented in the forms and arching billows of the shadows in the sky. His heart raced with the light shining, his breath he held through the gathering darkness. The skies reflection of all chaos and grace within him, the teetering and totter of transparent tribulations taking play in a working art form of nature above him. The water fell like the rush of an avalanche, like the exhale of all that was held within. His throat constricted, his chest like a locked cell now answered by the key that brought it’s freedom. The spark of the sun shone against the mirror of his eyes, the beacon of light amidst the circling darkness of his pupils. This was the dance of life brought to existence and felt in the falling rain that rejoiced in its flight of freedom, rushing to find itself in the feeding of the earth. He welcomed every drop, spilling over every leaf and petal, running over the dirt that absorbed it as its own, coming together to form veins of its water, rushing channels of invigoration.
He stood amidst the gathering circle of flowing rivers that made their way to the waves of the sea. As every gallon mixed with the salt of the ocean and was taken far from whence it once came, and was again met by the sun in its heating dazzling rays, and was raised as vapor once again into the great transporter that was forming in the sky. The formation of whites and blues grew heavy with greys that blotted out the sky, and again the clouds took the noble water that we are and set it upon the great journey over hills and plains to fly and dance as the emotions in us would will. He opened his mouth to the refreshing drops of life and the beauty of our world took him. Welcome your clouds of darkness while you dance in the rain of sensations. You are but water that gathers and spreads, clouding and feeding your world. Let the torrents take you and be amazed in this maze of life.


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