Shout into Oblivion.

I shout into the oblivion with a breath that burns with fire,
This smoke that forms in billows will not suffocate my starved desire,
I roar with a thunder,
Rum-ba-ling over the mountains,
Be afraid of what you’ve awoken deeper than still water is a burning passion,
How dare you defy me, how dare you devil spawn,
How dare you propagate your demons like a mongering fear roll on,
I cast you back from whence you came the Desolation of dark ages,
I’ll be brash before I’ll let you cage my people and my nation,
I’ve stood here silent long enough now I burn your book of fire,
With the true flame of what we can be our body, mind, and souls desire,
You callous wayward vagabond,
Your roots are filled with filth,
Your branches no longer bloom,
Your leaves are left to wilt,
I speak now, hold your tongue,
Quote me not the missing link,
Your cave man atrocities,
Still lure us to the brink,
I’ve taken the time to study you,
I’ve felt the emptiness you exude,
I’ve bitten your bitter sweet apple,
I’ve spit up your squandering spew,
I take no more, taste your flame,
Taste your hell that you create,
I’ve no more need to hear from you,
Your ignorance only castrates.


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