Ether Wolf. Part II. [Short]

Boom. The crackle of fire. The terrifying odor of burning wood that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand at it’s height. “Fear does drive us does it not,” she asked with the eyes of a wolf glazed over the the injured prey. She was unlike any other sadistic creature, woman, I had yet known. “Come closer to the truth” she purred into my ear with the static of a thousand volts. This is what your decaying heart desires. She put her thumb to my forehead with the same grace of power that one seeks in seduction.
Folly. Shame. Heartbreak. This has entrapped you in the ever turning hourglass. You drown in the sands for you’ve not yet learned to swim in the tides of time. Follow. The path before me diverged into some haunted garden far older than what could have ever been known to us. There were no more flowers only the vines hidden in the dust of cobwebs. The air was as stale as the dying moss. I looked once through the mist of disbelief and forgot my identity. “Where have you taken me!” I cried out like an echo of a whisper bedeviled. I turned and was alone. This was a thing of aging dreams. I stood before an archway crawling of ancient suffocating ivy. “Do not break what you have not built.” though how I read this I cannot say for it was written in the runes of time itself.
Brazen. Blood-boiling. Tempt me now and I shall not break. She towered over the molten volcano, the rumbling ash her dress. The lava flowed like a glowing golden knecklace running down the slopes of her soot covered breasts. “What is life” she roared while the the plumes of smoke were cut through by the dazzling deadly flames. A finger tip of heaven shone through the golden honey of cumulus cloud, she pointed, altogether a different creature at the village that lie at the basin of her fiery doom. All at once I stood transfixed on the sight before me. All possessions and earthly works from simple pleasure to home fell away in one fraught moment as MY family raced from the life and home they had always known. The father carried his youngest daughter and pulled his wife to him, the boy trailed after all afright.
Snap. My mind broke free of the tether put upon it. That family was never mine it had never been. Snap. The base of the mountain broke in two and the doom that would spew and murder and burn all asunder was swallowed into the earth that welcomed it back to it’s center. Close your Eyes. Open your mouth. Water flowed calm and sweet from a spring in front of me, laughter, the best most endearing laughter you will ever hear greeted my ears like warm wax that rubs across your skin. Her cheeks were flushed with a joy like rose petals. She shined the pearls of her teeth. Captivated. Captured. You will not need rope to bind. I go willingly to her. “What is it you seek?” her lips say against me. Why are your eyes still closed? “Nothing can contain the well within you but the ill will of the walls you mold.”
Refresh. Air filled my lungs with the draw of butter to bread. Taken. Far longer than I would care to admit to be ensconced in this moment. Cheese! A bright bolt of lightning struck every bone in my frame. 1000 words? More. The image was completely rendered, buffered, polished. “Are you now electrified” it read in a thousand blues of dazzling white. “Are you singed with a purpose put upon you?” I heeded the manuscript engraved now in my bones, every indention a reminder, a spark.
I howled in likenesss to this Ether Wolf, this goddess of whatever she be. My muscles raised, my cheeks pulled high, I shone the bone, the teeth, my tusks. Was it I who gave the moon it’s light or was it she?


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