Put it to the Breeze.

I want the paranormal to take me, let it join me now in my bones, let the fire of some undying light light the path under my toes,
I’m done with all the smoke and mirrors the portions small and large,
Where is this thing that’s sacred the perfect fit for a galloping charge,
I put it to the breeze, as sure as you,
–”put it to the air,
on parchment I did spell it out,
tell me now how fairs our care,
Is it drowned in the torrents of showers that shock with the rumbling of thunder cloud jaws,
Is it swallowed by the wolves we’ve created is its spark now drifting into the maw,
Dictate this down now, deep note, a new place, a planet, we will need,
For as sure as I was born, and trailing questions are forlorn, at some point it all comes to a fee.


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