Guy + Watch. [Short.]

The hot press of the blazing steel that glowed like burning fire, stomping down on a face too ugly to notice. It was the inferno mech that puts it’s boot to the skull of this bleeding renegade. He smiled a kind of ugly twisted thing with marks and shot pocks sprayed across his face from a dozen stupid battles. He laughed at the menacing future. What would you do to a man who would burn his own flesh? He put his arms to the grimy earth and heaved, throwing his assaulter off him. The inferno mech leeched backwards off balance for one second before regaining it’s footing every hydraulic pounding away with pressure, steam railing from its back vents. There was was a freshly burned mark on the man’s face as he sneered at the 4 meter machine of brute force. These were meant to instill fear and keep us from rioting. He chuckled a low growling rumble like the first sounds of an avalanche. He pulled a piece of re bar from the junk heap near him and lifted the wire cable it was tied to. He ran at the mech man as soon as it had righted itself. Pushing rebar into the dented hood and wrapping the cable around the uplifted weak neck he jumped across its back and pulled. The cable set through catching the operators throat and yanking the whole damned thing to the ground on account of force and lack of lever control. Apparently steel to the neck does that to some he thought as the operator only pulled at levers the spasms induced. He kicked the steel hood off and grabbed the man inside by his head. He pulled it too far and gave it a sharp twist. They’re so stupid looking when they struggle. Pop. Zing. The flesh burned hot and a piece of his arm just shot into his face. I fucking hate these guys he grumbled turning to face his attacker. Pop. Pop. Leg. Miss. Nice smell of flesh and smoke. He charged the man who should never have pulled the trigger. Pop. Leg. What’s with this guy? Bam. He put his shoulder into the man’s  chin. Knee rising to his gut. The man crumpled into a gasping heap bleeding like a faucet from his face. What the fuck is wrong with you guys they don’t teach you how to shoot? He pulled the badge from the man’s vest and shoved into his eye. That’s where you go for. A scream was short lived.
Feeling good today sir? His talking watch he got for his 17th birthday asked. Why yes. I quite like killing. I think I’ll do more. He trudged to the red wailing alarm of junk hall D and smashed it with his fist. The plastics and electronics whizzed and shorted out as the siren died and the blood of plastic pieces penetrating his skin ran down his fingertips. You really do enjoy yourself sir. I find it a very appealing quality of yours. Why thank you watch your too kind. He kicked what was surely an easily openable door  in and off its hinges, striding into the letters box and office spot. He looked for the folder that read M. He found it. He kicked a utility locker over with its ethanol carry. He lit the place and walked out. I’m burning things again watch. Very good sir it replied though uneasily. Watch didn’t like to think about how almost everything could burn. Even watches. Frightful.


2 thoughts on “Guy + Watch. [Short.]

  1. Steph

    This is one of my favorites! You are so wonderful Fisher! I know one day I’ll be buying all your books! You are so inspiring! Keep the stories coming, I LOVE reading your stuff! #lobsterfamily #lol

    Liked by 1 person

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