Accomplishments are just around the corner,
Can you feel them can you taste them yet,
The broad strokes in your every day walk,
And the finer points that you’ll never forget,
It’s palpable now I know you can hear it,
As the rhythm of your heart is finding it’s tune,
The sustenance you seek is now willing to speak,
As the flower of your soul is starting to bloom,
You climb the precarious peaks of your mind,
Compelled by curiousity to study ideas,
Now you begin to compile what you feel,
And the people say I believe he can see us,
And when the people see that I can feel them,
When the people begin to finally see,
We are one nation, one tribe of brothers, One world, one village, one day,
And when the night comes we all seek shelter,
For It’s in the night we seek warmth,
It is time that we let our souls warm each other,
It is only in another,
That we,
Are set free.



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