The Lion Man. [Short]

There was a stillness that quieted the mind into a beautiful dull vase of water. The releasing of steamy breath through nostrils that pulled at the dry air, drawing it into the lungs that filled the lion man’s chest with a constant pull of moving wind. The night was a rare one. It was dark and quiet with no breeze and the trees made no sound in their branches, just sprouting their tangible green spring buds. The grass lay like a calling oasis of comfort beneath the sprawling giant trunks. Paradise is different to every man and every beast has his own way; But beneath the trees with open windows into the wide sky night of darkness with only the faint glimmering of the burning galaxies of stars above, this was the lion man’s paradise as he pulled at the air with his lungs. His nose twitched with noted high draw as he opened his mouth wide to stretch his jaw and let his tongue dance upon the air for effect. A deep yawn exuded from within him as his eyelids clenched and drew back open, expressing the lavish drawing comfort of relaxation. The day had started late for him when he had awoken past noon but as any lion knows the time was made up for with a pouncing energy of productive feats. A peppered meaty sandwhich and a dark french vanilla coffee were just the enticements one needed to continue motivated to achieve the written objective conquests. Indeed the day had been beautiful and many an eye was caught and many a tug of cheek, that smile that begs be shared, was shown. The night now called to him, to his nature, to dream upon the bed of soft grassy earth and let the silence lead his mind into the unknown. The draw of air now precise and rhythmic like a heartbeats vocal growl, the lion man slipped into the shining movements of his mind beneath the starry sky, solemnly sleep took him.


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