The Dream. [Short]

He awoke with a rush of heaving breath, the fight he’d just been in as real as the sheets that lay around his waist as he sat upright in bed. Sweat beaded around his brow as his hands clenched with a instinctual ferocity.
Look closer now at his face. The eyes wide open, the batting of the eye who’s pupils take in the flashing light of the morning sun and then widen when he pulls down the blinds. Darkness. You can’t see it now but his eyes are shut. You can barely make out the silhouette of a man calming his breathing and laying down his heavy head once again on his cotton pillow.
Minutes pass. A jolt. The last twitch of muscle spasms as the body let’s go it’s awakened conscious. Jab. Jab. Jab. Each hit harder than the last. The boxing bag beaten in, hanging by chains, shuddering slightly under every blow. The man’s arm now moving like a slow snow flake floating down as the realness of time dissipated and every action took far longer than one would expect. The strike of fist and the reverberation of the impact running up the forearm and the muscles rippling with the hit.
Shadow spilled out from the walls and ceiling,
The boxer lost in the billowing folds of a foggy shadowed sheet pulling over all picture of light.
Darkness. The cawing of the black crow amongst the wind of a rugged place as the vision of the willow tree alone in the rolling field took hold. You could feel the tall grass give way under your feet as you felt it’s seedy tips sway into the path of your hands reach. Closer you walked and no closer to the tree did one come. One hundred paces? One thousand? Each stalk of grass waving it’s greeting through your fingertips as you passed and then the tree was gone. The field stretched for miles in every direction and the feeling of vulnerability and the need for cover took root in your twisting trails of thought like a growing weed. Up! The immense rush of bewilderment and the sheer gravity of the enormous shadow that fell down upon a great swath of the field now dwarfed any and all thoughts. The tree had returned to rain over the lone wanderer and again the shadow took him. Darkness.
Caw. The eyes danced like a gypsy thief in the night only held with delight by the fires edge. The eyes moved, ticking back and forth like the arms of a clock that seeks it’s time. The outlines of the branches and the dark green of the pointed leaves now took shape to the discerning eye. The red glistening at every tip that dripped it’s burgundy glory like beads of dew that fell on the face like rain. Iron face they called him with the blood of the weeping willow running over his face like battle paint.
Caw. Eyes continued to dance in the shadow under the tree as each drop of burgundy dew stained the face with the sweat of life and deaths imprint. Caw. Where was this murderous bird that so wantingly wished for an audience? The eyes sought the ruffle of feathers amongst the branches as the breeze now blowed with its steady fervor. The trailing of every green strand whipped in the wind like a snake in retreat. The ground now grew and turned upwards as roots now climbed from the earth and wrapped around the feet and legs of the man staring into the shadows. Caw. He saw it now that bird of omen and odins pet. That harbinger of destiny or fate or of some annoying impish devil. Caw. The two creatures,  one man, one bird, now stared into the abyss of the black holes that lie within another’s eyes. The roots now wrapped with wild abandon around the legs of the man enveloped by the eyes of enchantment. He could not stir from the stare, the grasp of the intensity of the black hole these two had created. His arms visibly rising to shield the ever encapsulating vision his eyes now anchored to. He fought and fought in the trials of seeing all manner of rise and fall of greatness and insanity, the rising of the wind that fills one sails and the tempest that tears the sails from the mast of man’s courage. Jaws of Strength opened. The Lions roar emanated from a place rarely tapped. The crow, the tree, the field, the shadows, all dissipated like a light bulb burning out with a flash.
–He awoke with a rush of heaving breath, the fight he’d just been in as real as the sheets that lay around his waist as he sat upright in bed.


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