The Right One. (Spoken)

I find I live in the wrong state to find the right mate,
I mean I could be with a lot of girls and love every kind of date,
but I, seek something deeper than the commonplace pulpit,
this makes me the minority of the bible belt culprit,
You see I’ve lived the life of dogma,
but I won’t live like a dog in chains,
You see I’ve lived the life of an atheist, but there’s still so much that’s unexplained,
My motive is to question, my joy is in the truth,
my perspectives always changing, which makes for eternal youth,
I’ve found fellowship outside the church pews,
Ive found it with family and with friends, with strangers at a ball game, At a concert where everyone chants, I’ve found the beauty in evolution in the rise and fall of the sun and stars,
The galaxies always growing and the dna of who we are, but I find there is this soul among me, can you feel it now in my voice, can you not taste the tingles down your spine, when more than your head and heart is setting your course,
I find that prayer is like a message, put to the air like I write my words,
It is the self sustaining positivity of thought, the composing of helpful verbs, and so I stand upon this earth, Waiting for the right one to come, it’ll be more than elating when I finally meet the right one.



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