True Patriotism.

Senseless and blind patriotism,
Is not, the patriotism we need,
This is not the land of our forefathers,
The land of our father’s is being brought to its knees,
See now the land in which you live in,
See now the senators we have enriched,
See now those that we do vote for,
See now the system that we must fix,
I know I am not the only one with eyes open,
Though I see some with eyes wide shut,
But we are the sons and daughters of this land,
What will it come to before you will stand up?

Stand up, stand now,
Let your legs lift you,
Raise your hands,
Raise your eyes to the sky,
See now the sun,
That shines upon you,
Embody it’s boldness,
Your strength is made, to thrive.


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