You are More (Spoken)

There is an angst that is within me,
In search of the place to spend my prime,
My posture is in movement,
To make a meaning of my time,

My hold backs are slowly slipping,
My need to grow has over grown,
My conscience seeks a precedent,
I am pressed to make it known,

I can no longer sit on the sidelines,
I can no longer only hope,
I make a move for action,
An act of change I will invoke,

I cast my vote, I cast my voice,
I cast my hand, I give a shout,
I run with the rush of my pumping blood,
I seek the fate of what it’s all about,

I see your face, I see you looking,
I see your eyes, I see your hope,
I see your fear, I see your fury,
I see the lump that you hold in your throat,

I raise my hands unto the tips,
Of my fingers reach their peaks,
Each part of me a mountain,
With a strength I do beseech,

I do believe, I do believe,
I do declare I never stopped,
I do swear I see the god of me,
In the connections that make me gasp,

In the faces that are before me,
In the fears that we may face,
In the embrace of my brothers,
And my sisters in this place,

In this world we are the people,
In my world we’re more than men,
We are more than mere mortals,
We are the guardians of our haven,

We are the stewards of our seas,
We are the caretakers of our trees,
We are the gardeners of this greatness,
To not be poisoned and diseased,

We are the people,
We are the people,
We are the people,
This is it,

Are you just another person,
Or are you starving to admit,
That you are more,
You are more,
You are more,
And don’t forget,
That you are one of one people,
Who’s will for wonder won’t be suppressed.


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