My Words, A Spark. (Ext.) (Spoken)

My words are as much for me as they ever have been for others,
I find solitude in each line in every twist and turn of letter,
To do better, to be better,
To speak to a greater note,
To etch upon your heart and mind,
These feelings each word invokes,
To Kindle the burning fire that sometimes is but a spark,
To rise with each crescendo,
To be the catalyst that will start,
The beginning of our chapter,
Avert disaster, play your part,
Where the spark that is within you,
Is the pulse that pumps your heart,
Where the fire that is your furnace,
Warms, the cold and calculated mind,
Where your cares can now come forth,
And through the darkness light the night.

Where in your eyes you shine so brightly,
And with your smile you give them warmth,
With your fingers clasped around another’s hands,
You give what it is you want,
I see your eyes like a lighthouse,
I see you shed a tear,
Where your compassion is a river,
That heals those hurting from their fears,
Where the love you give, you show,  you breathe,
You hold no more any of it back,
You put your back into their struggle,
You are the strength that never slacks,
When you wake up in the night,
In the morning, Or afternoon,
You rejoice in your godly works,
You believe in what you do,
Your reflection is the person,
You know inside you see,
That beauty that is beating in the heart that’s wildly free,
From the chains we place upon ourselves,
And the chains we let stand on other people,
On the pains we see on our brethren,
While we sit idly with our evils,

My people, oh my people,
Raise your hands,
Like rising steeples,
I make a change to break these chains,
Do we not live in a land,
Where we all are equal.


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