Understand. (Spoken)

Those that agree with this,
Are idiots, holding to ignorance,
Those that have no reverance,
For what really matters,
It’s sick and it’s deafening,
To the understanding,
Of what we’ve devolved from since,
The dark ages of morbid myths,
That still exist,
It’s sick in its slick, perverted demeanor,
Blame on the devil that you more or less are,
Hypocrite and deceiver,
False prophet and speaker,
Of all the hyperbole you dig to intrigue, uh,
Marketed people, demographics of weak ones,
I more or less hate what you are,
For your weakness,
Your a false faith to believe in,
But the universe smiles on those that can concrete, uh,
Higher belief, uh,
Not the pews or the reefer,
Or the noise of your tythe,
Or the pastor with a bastard in the bleachers,
But the cast around the broken and the bleeding,
Those with a faith in the people,
With a sense that we’re equal with the life and the plants and the earth that we feed uff,
The birds and the bees, uh,
We cannot lose these,
But you just can’t stop being leeches on those who’ve lost the deceased,
Those we have leafed, those that have left us,
And like seeds, form the trees,
And the bridge to our past,
The mast to our sails,
Like the trees that we hail,
To show we are strong,
A new vision must last,
And we are–what we are,
I know the mark of my scars,
And no half baked proverb,
Can tell me where it is that we are,
Where we are– Where we are,
Let’s look where we are,
In a place,
In a world where we’re all masks behind bars,
Locked in a cage we display to the Internet and the raves,
The faces of the masses,
That all want our praise and the days that we each set alarms to be reached,
And to rise and to shine knowing all possibilities reached,
Let me speak,
That there is more,
Not written in any book,
But in the blood,
In your courage to look into every nook,
And capture every cranny,
The universe is so romantic,
Just dance and undertand that there’s so much to understand,
Take a chance to reprimand the rules that so far stand,
You are a piece of a puzzled universe,
And part of a grander plan.


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