Until Tomorrow, I Dance. (Spoken)

I mean, what if I just preach,
All the good pictures I speak,
I mean, what if I live this life,
With the candles light that can reach,
To the, deeper places that your conscience,
Can’t reach,
I mean, what if I got candid,
In the captured places, you can’t see,
What if I breach, I mean,
What if I teach,
With the words that do astound and confound and do beseech, To be,
I mean, preach what you,
what you, what you, what you be,
And what you be,
Is what you see,
And what you decree,
Is what you’ve been known to see,
With a study,
Of a life you’ve loved to breathe,
And you ease, into a moment,
Like a child of life first does read,
The simplest of the grandest,
Of the perplexing complexing strands of,
All that life does hand ya,
I’m here, universe, my hands up,
I’m all, ears perked up,
I’m listening,
For the music that life is sending,
For the moments that times transcending,
I know,
I am,
I breathe,
And I can,
Be all that this earth,
Expects of a higher man,
I demand,
More of myself than does the socialist complex,
More than a bible scripture,
Or a woman’s ag-end-a,
I will,
My willpower does still,
Hold a higher a hand,
Than the questions I will,
Ask, and you shall follow,
Answer, and you shall borrow,
This life is a dance of wisdom,
That knows sadness can swallow,
Your eyes tell me tomorrow,
But you can’t promise tomorrow,
So I try, to be all that I am,
Until tomorrow.
I dance.


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