Roar of the Warrior.

It’s unfortunate how many,
Skewered concepts we’ve accepted,
Checking the record,
For the proof, that they shout,
I’m all about living this life like a warrior,
If the peace of euphoria wears out,
You see,
I see the symbols like the 9,
I try to hold up,
Speak as a leader,
From my soul and my heart,
Try to reach some,
With the seeds that I’ve planted,
Cause I’ve been granted these gifts,
Until the day I depart,
So are you starting,
To see this reflection,
Or are the ripples,
Overcoming your sight,
Are you blind still,
Like so many still want you,
Or are you, starting, to see,
The depth of your part,
In this game, that changes, according,
To the pieces and the players,
And the place where you start,
They’ll have you as a pawn,
The fawn not so strong,
Cause only bucks buck the system,
And they’d rather you not.
So where are you,
The Roar of the Warrior,
Where does your,
Glorious heart make its home,
Which battle does grab you,
And drag you,
To which battle,
Does your bravery belong?


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