Universes Good Graces.

Nope, my dude,
I ain’t ready to settle,
Settle for what, my dude,
I’m seekin a higher level.

And this is the trouble,

I’m bending like the letter B,
Bouncing around,
My wrestle, is,
In the dreams, I do dance in,
No more, hesitating,
This is action on a grand stand,
My stance has changed,
My, posture and my movement,
My, muscles growing,
While my bravery is brewing,
Nope, my dude,
It is boiling,
Feel the fluid,
Feel the tingle in the music,
Feel your, body rising,
I’ll take you to it,
And if this is my story,
I am a sage in my fixation,
And If this is my legend,
Let us not be idle in our temptations,
Let us, rise our voices,
For all people, For all nations,
Be brave and be abrasive,
Let not your liberties be wasted,
Your, voice is written pages,
Let your, ink not be erased,
I am here,
With my message,
As in my eyes,
I see your faces,
I am, done with being wasted,
I’ll not waste another,
Of my pages,
I am alight,
Like other stars so bright,
In sync with the universes good graces.
Good gracious.


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