The Strong and Silent.

I’ve always wanted,
To be the strong and silent,
But I’m the one with a thousand words,
Thoughts not easily silenced,
I seek the stream of love that runs,
Through the fields of violence,
Life’s calluses on my eyelids,
This man is not an island,

If I am one word, –I am restless,
My energy projects this,
Constant movement, -analogy of life,
I need a wife to love all this,
I seek that which I struggle with,
A peace that let’s me breathe,
An anchor that holds me fast,
And slows my racing beat,

For my heart does sail the seas,
All of my cares and concerns come forth,
This is –the life I lead,
The pale that quenches is what I seek,
For the wind that is upon these waters,
Fills the sails that fly full sheet,
Gives me the faith that fills my needs,
Fills my mind with righteous words,
And gives me the voice to speak,

And speak I do indeed,
And speak what I believe,
And speak with a beating heart,
I’ll take no rest for the thrills I see,
I speak and your feelings believe,
The truth within words like seeds,
And grasp you growing roots of strength,
Do you not feel this phil-osophy,

One taste it took for me,
One whiff of jubilant glee,
One touch of warmth like fire,
One sound of rumbling chi,
One sight I see the synergy,
The celestial birthplace of thee,
All encompassing universe,
Feel me, hear my soul breathe.


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