Dear System of the Stars.

Dear System of the Stars,
Dear Mother Earth, and Father Spirit,
Dear Time that teaches temperament,
Dear Purpose that pulls the strings,
I sing with what music I’m given,
I dream amidst my thoughts,
I hail the heart that heightens me,
I seek what cannot be sought,
Do guide my footsteps to the shore,
Do show me why they must pass,
Do bestow the beauty of the waves,
Do invoke a passion as they crash,
Instill in me my cup of courage,
Instill in me my truth,
Instill my every heart beat with beauty,
Instill in me, a peace that soothes.


4 thoughts on “Dear System of the Stars.

  1. MJ,
    We met last week on Thanksgiving. Thanks for taking the time and effort to bless my family with some fun interaction. Since I’m not much of a poet, even though I appreciate your words, what is the meaning of this poem?


    1. Mitch,
      It was great meeting you and your family! I’m glad to have brought some joy to your day. This piece is like a prayer, my thoughts and desires about our cycle of life. The first four lines address my appreciation for the cosmos, our beautiful planet, the sense of spirit we cannot see, time which bookmarks our lives,, and purpose which finds and works it’s way into all of our bookmarks of life. “I sing with what music I’m given” is expressing how we must take what comes to us and make the most of it, the beauty in each and every day. To dream of a better tomorrow, to hold in esteem those that inspire, and to seek the meaning of life. The last eight lines are about our lives that rise and fall just as our emotional perceptions do, and the openness towards being filled with courage, truth, beauty, and peace. Hope you enjoyed it!


      1. You have a great way with words. I really like the line that you explained about singing the music that we are given. Well said. Is it a poetic personification of the cosmos or something more?

        My blogs are (it focuses on the truth of the Bible as the revealed Word of God) and

        If you’re interested checking out my blog, this article is the reason behind the Historicus name.

        Most of my articles are about science, religion, and politics, but this is one of my only funny posts…totally true story. You’ll appreciate it too, since you’ve met my kids.

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      2. Thank you. It is a personification which I hold with value. I am unfulfilled by traditional religious systems of belief and find eastern philosophy, the cosmos, and the golden rule which interestingly has roots in all world religions as my base stone. What has and all of what we have yet to discover within our limited view of the cosmos fascinates me.


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