My Heart, I Pledge.

I know how much you must miss me,
How you must feel when I’m away,
Cause as soon as I don’t have your words, your touch,
I’m wishing I would have stayed.
I’m thinking of you as I lay here alone,
I’m missing your body, your warmth,
The way you kiss my lips with the honey that feeds me,
The way your blue eyes dance like a storm,
I’m a fool in love, with the soul of girl,
I’ve just met, but holds the clues,
To the life we’ve both been seeking,
Each alone, now together, in truth,
I knew so soon, so sweet your kiss,
So hot you made me come,
To conclusions our chemistrys proven,
That together our hearts are one,
Undone my straps are unbuckled,
My armor I strip from my chest,
Undressed before each other til death,
My heart is yours I pledge.


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