Purpose pulls the Strings.

There are moments more real,
Than the breeze that blows upon me,
Where I wish to heal this world..

Give it my heart and let my blood,
My love, flow and fill the holes,
Within those, that need a friend,
A light, a hope, I’ll throw the rope,
That keeps you from drowning,
Take my hand and know your home,
This world is what me make it,
And I share with what I’m shown,
My god is one of mystery,
My faith is growing roots,
I see it in my eyes reflection,
A focus in my pursuit,
We’re all here for a reason,
Say with me,
“Every day my strength does grow,”
One day I’ll be a mustard seed,
There is this that must be known,
One day I will move mountains,
One day purpose will pull the strings,
One day you’ll see your reason child,
Clear as the words that make you sing.


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