Destiny with Death.

I have a destiny with death,
But bloodied I’ll not concede,
I’ll take on every challenge given,
I’ll stand on buckling knees,
I know it lies ahead of me,
It waits with patience while I breathe,
It listens for my weakness,
It waits for age to slow my speed,
I lead, I stand, I shout, I am,
A man, a champ-i-an,
I fight with bloody knuckles,
Teeth gnashing, my spirit still believes,
That this life is the test of testament,
How will you make your mark,
When sadness seems to surround your spirit,
Will you be the lamppost amidst the dark,
I hark the heart that hears these words,
The drum beats in you still,
I’ll meet my destiny when I’m good and ready,
This is my testament of will.


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