Wo-Ho, Warrior of Story.

We see the same things but go in different directions,
So many complexities that tether our tastes,
I tell the chase of the running waters to the spring that says my name,
I claim I hear my mother’s voice in each ripple that carries on,
The well that quenches all emotional roots,
The fulfillment of hearts hard won,

Do you see these colors,
Can you feel the coolness,
Can you count the celestial existentials,
Are you the cloaked, and one eyed traveler,
Destinies keeper whose whisper may mention,

The descension that bleeds your broader intentions,
Yet tests you, the trials of contention,
Go now wo-ho, warrior of story,
Take depth of our deplorable condition,
Wield war with what matters that matter,
In the blood chambers of your roaring bold heart,
Depart from bravery and be beheaded,
By the notions that compelled you to start,

And now you see it as the river runs red,
But all good has seen the cost,
What must be lost,
Is only ——
That you lose yourself!
In the passions, your-life, has lead.


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