Shepard of the Sheep.

It’s been a long time and now,
I’ve come to know my Leo,
It’s been a long time but now,
-I’ve come to see,

The pride I wear upon my sleeve,
That so easily is spurned,
The pride I hold within my heart,
That so fiercely does burn,

I turn a stone into a castle,
I make a moat to hold you out,
I build a bridge to let you in,
I’m sorry sometimes it’s I who it’s all about,

My honesty is everlasting,
Though it’s so true it turns to flame,
And sometimes those bridges I beget to burning,
But in the fires I call your name,

I give, I give, I give, I take,
I’ll make you understand,
I’ll build you a beautiful kingdom,
But I’ll need the thank you while you hold my hand,

I see myself in a different perspective,
And I can forget that you do too,
I see a reign of benevolence,
But forget the blame of guilt that I give too,

I speak with words that kindle warmth,
I’m the strength of a breath inhaled,
I’m bragadocious because I forget,
The courage that comes when all else fails,

And no longer do I see myself,
But see who it is in life I am,
The stranger with a smile,
The hand back up that says “you can,”

I conquer my doubts like demons,
Devils that drag my feet,
I suffer through my lazy spells,
Each dagger devours until I speak,

I reach a hill, I climb it,
I see a mountain, a majesty,
I sink my claws into the earth,
It’s my tenacity that teaches me,

It’s lessons learned over and over again,
It’s a heart that rises to beat,
With all the love and life it’s lived,
And can’t help but tell the tale of wondrous feats,

I speak because I know a roar is heard,
I am the Shepard of the sheep,
I sleep because life is to be enjoyed,
And dreams are to be seeked,

I preach because I cannot help it,
I hope to help all those I come across,
But if you ever hurt my family,
It is by blood you’ll know the cost.


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