In Search of a Secret.

For what ever reason I’m reaching,
I’m seeking every season,
In search of a secret to believe in,
What’s your beacon?

Beguiled and bemused,
Jaded and confused,
When so much seems to just be,
What we choose,
Who is you, what is win,
What is lose?
What is right, what is wrong,
Which facts do you use?
When you’re trying to tell if your testament proves,
That the images that you seem to see,
Stand as truth,
What to do?

When you see the future,
Yes you, see the youth,
Following, following,
Looking to you,
What is true, what’s a lie,
What is said with your eyes?
How many people in masks,
Make the masses hypnotized?

Break the glass, suicide,
Be as them and inside,
Something does slowly die,
Will you try?

Be as you, be as brave,
As the speech that King gave,
Tell the truth, write the truth,
Inscribe it on your grave,
How many leaders would you say,
That we’ve J.F K.’d?!
See the struggle today,
Informed yet afraid,
All of us asking,
But who turns the page,
What you say?

Come forward today, baptized,
Yes, hooray,
Horrible ignorance gone, yes I say,
I’ll see you when science cinches a few more up,
I’ll see you when the government doesn’t cover shit up,
When the pastor goes with his heart instead of his book,
I’ll see you when you see this world,
When you finally look.


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