Hypotheticals of the Celestial Ocean.

Hypotheticals engaged,
My hypothesis takes over,
I comb over,
All these untamed thoughts.

Life as a moving system, ever changing, Expounding, curriculum,
Tell me,
How do you,
Explain our predicament,

This thing…

That we all touch,
But cannot grasp.

I ask because I’m listenin’,
To the wisps whispers of each dimension,
The trace elements of a systems schism,
The mechanisms of,
Voices across the void.

Now please do define majestic,
Is it a holy, magical, vestige?
When you feel it how do you express it?
Tell me, what is the message,
What is your call?

Cause I’m all for every answer,
Each piece to a puzzle scanner,
Each spark to light the lantern,
My heart won’t darken,
Though hope may damper,
We’ll find the keys,
We’ll take our chances,
A life lived,
Can’t be reprimanded,
Odds against,
Let me not stammer,
When I speak, for a life,
Put your hands up,
And live life,
In existential splendor,
It’s only right,

That you are,
Who you might be.

Be you.
Be true.
Action is truth.
Reactions are based on factional proof,
Uncouth, so raw,
Polish your flaws,
Beware the jaws,
The abyss, the maw,
Dark emotions,
Momentum erosion,
Persevere through the pain,
Patience my potion,
My Strength is in motion,
Celestial ocean,
I’m come.


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