Child of Earth

There is a difference between saying something that’s obvious,
And saying something,
That once said seems obvious,
Do you know the positives?
Of the emotion, of the magic that is wraught,
Of the amazing, placement in every thought,
Every drop,
Of this fluid fills the speaker,
It’s so amusing when your lucid,
All the bevels, teach me teacher,
I am nearer, say it softer, say it clearer,
I am the mirror,
Come hither here,
Teach me, teach me not to fear,
Say it louder, so my heart knows,
It beats for what it hears,
Hear me now,
Hear me proud,
Hear me humble as a child,
Hear me smile,
Been awhile, yes I’m wild,
Yes I’m open like a child,
Yes I’m wild, inner tiger,
Tell the savage, tell me how,
How to live, how to breathe,
Tell my child how to dream,
Find what’s beneath the make believe,
Find belief.
Show the truths,
In each their tellings,
Ripples of water,
Feel the swelling,
Know your chest,
The sorceror,
The source of your compelling,
Your heart,
With all its levies,
Lead is heavy,
Loose your armor,
Choose to,
Choose to be stronger,
Eat the fresh food of the farmer,
Share with grace and kindness,
Put yourself upon your karma,
Know your dharma,
Know your purpose,
Know the why of each your verses,
Live life like writing cursive,
Each beauty and mistake,
Take your place,
Put a smile upon your face,
Wake and greet the sun,
Child of Earth,
Your taking shape,
You’ve what it takes,
You’ve overcome,
The past is past,
But today is won,
One, minute,
Take a moment,
Tell yourself your monumental,
Your the strings,
And your voice knows how to sing,
Say it,
Say what’s needed,

Obvious, Is only obvious,
Once the many,
Do believe it.


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