Beauty of Union.

All I seek is holy communion,

The heart of art is it’s beauty of union,

Karl Marx marked the start of our illusion,

A life lived in crisis is no state to infuse with.
So I search for the awareness of choosing,

A place in this life, a way to keep moving,

From the fear that I face and the face of confusion,

To a smile like a child, an accomplishment worth proving.
Something akin to bridging divides,

-with meaning,

Empathetically paint,

Each passion of each faction,


Calmly show similarity tying together,


A step closer to the union of our souls



And in this,

We are boundless in our projection,

But just as we know space and not our seas,

To see inside ourselves,

Is the ocean of spiritual perception.
Woah. Emotions run deep,

Mariana trench, to the tenth, believe,

For me,

Fast food and vitamin water, no bother,

For thee,

Starvation, dehydration, feces stench,

-you see?
The challenges of our placement,

The corner doubts of our situation,

Our anxieties, our desperation,

The struggles of each our nations.
Small steps,

We all must face,

Each ten provides the zen,

To embark upon the next step stones chi,

The fee is good effort,

Vis a vis’,

Your heart and mind balance,

With your hands you’ll free,


Experience and well knowledge,

Purpose and depth of breadth,

Confidence to make your mark,

A life of meaning-

Before the next step.


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