Erratic ecstatic schematic,

Like a lightning bolt,

The scribe who wrote,

Scripture, to cut through all the static,

Databank, databank,

Saved message is sancrosanct,

Hold my hand, hold my hand

So you’re not mesmerized by the madness,

Glad this, is reaching you,

Receive transmission for teaching you,

Communion of one to another,

A tribe of one we are reaching to.

It was emphatic,

That only together can we have it,

Peace between man,

Land and happiness,

Put it into perspective,

Holistic pursuit to grasp at this,

You are as I,

If I came from the land that your speakers do,

The stew that your preachers brew,

We each are a product of the concoction,

The magi’s choose.
This recluse ruse you not,

I jot the plot points deciphered,

I search the cypher for the currents,

The geysers,

The higher I get,

The more the constriction grows tighter,

What glass do you look through,

What lens, what visor?

I advise you give your undivided to seek the meaning of your desires!

To get to the chew of the matter,

First bite with the incisors,

I will explore every pantheon,

To its depth, i-am-diver,

I seek the pearls, the kernels,

That which makes me the wiser,

Bridges the barriers,

And destroys the dividers,

Feel each muscle of fiber,

I’ll be your transcriber,

The fire within you,

The lines of electricity wire,

Speak for what you desire,

Make a plan with your hands,

Then make an action, be fire.


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