The Dark Wrap.

I’m shaking, shaking,

The dark wrap has me,

The branches grasp my name,

I’ve always, been a dreamer,

But who knows the difference between vine and chain?

Darkness, darkness, awake my spirit,

Fight or flight, Shine the light of your spark,

Forgotten in nuance the versatility filling me,

The utter infinity in every quark.

Racing, racing, still the roots do chase me,

Still do drag me down into their depth,

Steps I’ve taken, have I still not awaken?!

What Act of Being will fulfill my test?


3 thoughts on “The Dark Wrap.

  1. Just read The Dark Earth and this one, both incredibly written. The layers of detail you give, are both Gothic in rendering and memorable. They’re natural, they flow, and I went back to read them again, which is surely a sign of a poem that moves you which is ultimately all we as writers can hope for. You achieved.

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