Warrior, Your Time is Come.

Dysphoria to euphoria,

Tell every warrior,

Their time has come.
Done with the humbling,

The drum now is rumbling,

Five fingered fists are raised to the sun.
It’s true, I’m telling you,

Smeared by shades of gray and blued,

By the marks that came from yellowed teeth,
A wolf a wolf, a beast a beast,

And hate is what is said in their speeches,

Preachers like lying politicians,

Politicians like warmongering preachers,

And Teachers, Our teachers,

Who forgot that they are leaders.
This is what our people are facing,

What a fearful many have fell to embracing.
Sycophants and small minds,

How do you unwind the coils of miseducation?
It’s so sad to see it, I swear,

It breaks my humanitarian heart,

But my mind knows the lengths,

Every inch and mile, 

Each distance that plays it’s part,
Run, run, walk child, heed your sun,

Sieze your nature within!

The inception of steel made will,

The perception that reaches the fringe,
Hinge now, heed the door,

Turn the knob,

Beyond lies the aim of our ends,
Warrior ready, Wo-Ho hold steady,

Courage I call on as we begin.


5 thoughts on “Warrior, Your Time is Come.

  1. I hear the drum beat in this poem. It’s a polemic for the modern world, a totem of truth in a diminishing landscape. It reminds me of The Wasteland in its truths, and at the same time, it’s a beats poem, a slam poem, a shout. Very much something people need to hear – brava!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a statement, a mantra, a warrior of life’s movement. I’m thrilled to see you catching the beat and feeling the empowerment in its rhythm! So glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts. Very appreciated!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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