Searching through the Ether.

Of course you’ll feel alone,

You’re searching through the ether,

Wondrous is the exploration,

But loneliness does know the seeker,

The beakers growing, glowing child,

Soon the beacon will need a leader,

Look now, see, your skepticism,

But in your purpose be a believer!

Your strength is how you’ve stayed alive,

And of knowledge you’re still so eager,

But action is what gains traction,

And changes factions to better creatures!

So either you, are what you are,

And you live how you be,

Or you continue to grow,

And set your people free.

This is your chance now.

Act, or wait and see!

But it’s the interaction,

Of good transactions,

That frees the mind,

With wisdoms key.


3 thoughts on “Searching through the Ether.

  1. Word.
    The cure and the cause of loneliness is debatable. But one thing is, more of us are lonely than ought to be, and this says much about the existential crisis in the way society attempts to gain our satisfaction. Too often we are tricked into thinking satisfaction is an adequate stand-in for being truly filled, and it’s not, it’s no more than eating enough, sleeping enough, and emotion requires more than those basics. It requires meaning. If we take meaning out of life we are left lonely, wondering what we are here for. That is the crux of an existential crisis and you’ve summed it up so well here.

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    1. Word to you! Your commentary has been descriptive and elegant and I enjoy the procedure and wordplay your opinion holds. I’m trying to be more social within this writing community and I’m happy to find others, like yourself, who’s opinion and work I feel a kinship too. Keep on keeping on.

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