Broken & Bleeding.

Broken and bleeding,

I cannot say I’m undeafeated,

But I can say I’ve fought hard,

Every time that I’ve fought,

It’s these thoughts that will shatter,

Your conscience of deep matter,

I insist on going further,

Until these matters are fact.


Why do we react this way?

Why are so many teachers asking?

What is the meaning of selfless love?

How do you help those who are not asking?

Teach me how to gain traction,

Tell the children the truth of many factions,

Speak to the souls of the world to unite,

Awake our feeling into harmonious action.


Broken and bleeding,

I cannot say I’m undefeated,

But I can say I thought hard,

Every time that I thought,

Of what it is that really matters,

Of what with our time here we can gather,

Of what the education,

Of future generations could yield,

If we cared more for cohesive factors,

If we shared love in holistic patterns,

In a society that touched on our troubles and strengths,

And built us up from this war mongering rabble.

I reject the failing of a tower of Babyl,

I stand for a people that know their power,

I stand for a call that now is the hour,

State your name,

Children of earth,

Speak with bravery,

Don’t give in to these cowards!

“It’s our future” we say,

“And in it we want creatures and trees and flowers!”

We want kindness and empathy,

Understanding brings knowledge that showers,

And seeps into this planet,

Our home,

Renewal is what these waters empower!

I stand for peace,

Though I’ll fight for these:

Hope and love,

I’ll not let my planet be devoured.


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