The Alchemy.

Are we reaching capacity?

With these thoughts of audacity?

To my purpose I ask,

What it is that you ask of me?

As the mask falls feel the agony,

Do you feel a course,

That crests to catastrophe?

Blaspheme the apathy,

That rips away at my faculties,

When your hearts full of passion,

It’s so hard to act tactfully!


The wisps whisper

Of their altered reality,

The nature of spirit, like gravity,

Pulls, grasps at my soul,

While I grasp, pull at its tapestry,

The strands of the galaxy,

These gargantuan molecules,

My helix seeks its anatomy,

Ooooooowwwhh. [Inhale.]

The stretch of its breadth,

The fullest reach of its apogee,

How did this happen to me?

How many moons must I see,

To see mastery?

Turn doubt to belief.

Tell me,

Is this not another,

Form of the alchemy?


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