People of Same Planet.

I’m a different kind of breed,

Even my blood differently bleeds,

It’s not red or blue, so please,

Don’t dishonor your instincts, geez,

Or evade your higher capacity,

For the thought waves that lead to

Progressive voracity,

Times change,

Don’t be the shadow that slips off absently,

Don’t be the slow stone,

That fights against gravity.

Slip in the with an illustrious incense,

Let me speak for a second, lavishly,

Live for the complex of the,

Convex of the community,

Apathy shall have no immunity.

I say I am captain of cadence,

I speak with the flagrance that digests,

Before sending the cavalry,

Please use your faculties,

Please start with kindness,

Before speaking with ravagery,

You aren’t ready for the alchemy,

You don’t know yet,

My savagery,

You don’t yet disect the situation,

Before acting drastically,

Your callous ways can cause catastrophe,

Your callous ways

Can cause spirit casualties,

How must you move,

When you have yet to show, prove,

The measure of your willpower in mastery,

Ugh, the audacity,

I see the stagnation still magically,

I seek the magic of rationality,

Of the seams to the fabric of our galaxy,

Universe please guide my strategy,

To bridge the divides,

Before our spirits have atrophied,

Please help us not sit so passively,

Sit by while our nation stirs tragically,

Help us to steer,

Toward the union of our anatomy,

Homosapiens, same category,

Harness your inner mission,

Feel the familial fission,

We must show restraint to our lethality,

The violence in us that leads us to brutality,

Desensitized we don’t see we are,

Compatibly, ecstaticly, the same,

We forget our humanity,

When we see a figure,

Instead of a name,

A family, a being,

Our mentality needs changed,

Wake up, wake up,

People of same planet,

It’s our realities that need be rearranged.


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