The Oneself.

People who never,

Have searched for themselves,

May never truly appreciate,

What it is they have felt,

What it is they have held,

Their view of this life,

And how decisions compel,

Their motives meet,

Machinations of nations,

Their own inner heart,

Their own conscious, their sanctum,

What is it that you are made of?

Do you know what drives you?

Are you aware of what you’re afraid of?

Do you follow with reason,

Are you seasoned to know,

The step stones of your time here,

Or are you a sheep in the show?

Do you know the roots of your system?

Biology and belief?

Do you know the truth from the schisms,

Or do you regurgitate what some speak?

What do you show love for?

Have you yet showed love to yourself?

Have you found the one you are making?

The one you are, the oneself?


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