Translation of Body Language.

I may gracefully flirt,

With the edge of your canvas,

Damn this,

Propensity to peek at the blush I bring to your cheeks,

Seeking with instinct,

With a natural rhythm into what drives you,

What ideas lie at the height of your peaks,

Speech, speech, make it tangible,

The whisper that’s crawling,

Like a caterpillar across your skin,

Dim the lights,

Let only flame share this moment,

As your eyes widen,

I begin to know what’s real.

Feel the impact,

The translation of body language,

No longer languid,

I see now, what you can be,

Speak to me say with fire in your cheeks,

How you make your way in this life,

What strengths give you peace?


The Eyes of the Unhumbled Jungle.

He left it long ago, behind him, the last whispers of the trail he took. A long stretch rose in the emptiness of his thoughts, a sigh like the shimmering remembrance of all that he had overcome, it was let out slowly and at length, then dissipated into the emptiness once again. ‘The past and your current purpose are things that hold such a weight on the present’. He pondered the endless inevitabilities of each direction of course. His mind felt the toil and time and tediousness of each obstacle that would need overcome.

Another sigh. This one short and sharp followed by the inhalation of a man whose quickly grabbing the breath needed to bare through the moment. His body was still strong, his muscles still taut with a strange lasting youth, but around his eyes there were the wrinkles that showed his age. In the setting darkness it looked like the pattern of little bird feet that had jumped around the corners of the orbs of his eyes. And his eyes.

Green like a devil, but tired, tired like the last man in a hill fight, like a horse that’s ran for endless miles. His breath he sucked in, he gained control of the charade of the future his inner mind acted out. He lifted himself in his cocoon of connections, the pathways between each thought. He found the doubts that he awaited, but with no way to face yet, he slew them from his mind. Demons are all but what we face. Doubts would be dealt with once the path grew close.

He stirred. His eyes lit anew, like the eyes of an animal, the green of the unhumbled jungle, the spark of the noble savage. His mind set, his foot stepped, one by one to the way of his wild, the place he knew well, the heart, the hearth of his inner fire, it burned now driving his motives. Illadin would do what he always did, what he could do, what needed done.

The Oneself.

People who never,

Have searched for themselves,

May never truly appreciate,

What it is they have felt,

What it is they have held,

Their view of this life,

And how decisions compel,

Their motives meet,

Machinations of nations,

Their own inner heart,

Their own conscious, their sanctum,

What is it that you are made of?

Do you know what drives you?

Are you aware of what you’re afraid of?

Do you follow with reason,

Are you seasoned to know,

The step stones of your time here,

Or are you a sheep in the show?

Do you know the roots of your system?

Biology and belief?

Do you know the truth from the schisms,

Or do you regurgitate what some speak?

What do you show love for?

Have you yet showed love to yourself?

Have you found the one you are making?

The one you are, the oneself?

People of Same Planet.

I’m a different kind of breed,

Even my blood differently bleeds,

It’s not red or blue, so please,

Don’t dishonor your instincts, geez,

Or evade your higher capacity,

For the thought waves that lead to

Progressive voracity,

Times change,

Don’t be the shadow that slips off absently,

Don’t be the slow stone,

That fights against gravity.

Slip in the with an illustrious incense,

Let me speak for a second, lavishly,

Live for the complex of the,

Convex of the community,

Apathy shall have no immunity.

I say I am captain of cadence,

I speak with the flagrance that digests,

Before sending the cavalry,

Please use your faculties,

Please start with kindness,

Before speaking with ravagery,

You aren’t ready for the alchemy,

You don’t know yet,

My savagery,

You don’t yet disect the situation,

Before acting drastically,

Your callous ways can cause catastrophe,

Your callous ways

Can cause spirit casualties,

How must you move,

When you have yet to show, prove,

The measure of your willpower in mastery,

Ugh, the audacity,

I see the stagnation still magically,

I seek the magic of rationality,

Of the seams to the fabric of our galaxy,

Universe please guide my strategy,

To bridge the divides,

Before our spirits have atrophied,

Please help us not sit so passively,

Sit by while our nation stirs tragically,

Help us to steer,

Toward the union of our anatomy,

Homosapiens, same category,

Harness your inner mission,

Feel the familial fission,

We must show restraint to our lethality,

The violence in us that leads us to brutality,

Desensitized we don’t see we are,

Compatibly, ecstaticly, the same,

We forget our humanity,

When we see a figure,

Instead of a name,

A family, a being,

Our mentality needs changed,

Wake up, wake up,

People of same planet,

It’s our realities that need be rearranged.

The Alchemy.

Are we reaching capacity?

With these thoughts of audacity?

To my purpose I ask,

What it is that you ask of me?

As the mask falls feel the agony,

Do you feel a course,

That crests to catastrophe?

Blaspheme the apathy,

That rips away at my faculties,

When your hearts full of passion,

It’s so hard to act tactfully!


The wisps whisper

Of their altered reality,

The nature of spirit, like gravity,

Pulls, grasps at my soul,

While I grasp, pull at its tapestry,

The strands of the galaxy,

These gargantuan molecules,

My helix seeks its anatomy,

Ooooooowwwhh. [Inhale.]

The stretch of its breadth,

The fullest reach of its apogee,

How did this happen to me?

How many moons must I see,

To see mastery?

Turn doubt to belief.

Tell me,

Is this not another,

Form of the alchemy?

The Days I Praise.

These are the days that I praise

When I feel the fortitude,

The strength to face the charades,

Feel the momentum,

To master the maze,

I’m still seeking that page,

That stage, that way,

That I can reach you,

To be a light through the haze.

Let me be ablaze and embrace,

The strength to not shy away,

Let me paint this world a self portrait,

Let it startle and amaze,

Let us seek into that which,

We now create,

The views and perspective,

Of the kids that we raise,

What is it we’re passing down?

What do our words & actions portray?

I’m seeking the veins,

Let this not be a phase,

The appraisal of our lives seems,

A crying shame,

I wish to be alive each and every,

Three hundred and sixty five days,

And so I praise the days,

That help me seek a better way.